The club after a very successful weekend at the 2014 Edinburgh Annual Tournament

Winter Nationals 2013

 USAPC teams compete at a consistently high level in leagues and tournaments
throughout the United Kingdom. These include:
• St Andrews Opening Tournament – This tournament includes teams from all the
major Scottish universities including St Andrews, Edinburgh, Stirling, Aberdeen,
and Glasgow. In 2011, St Andrews won every division.
• Edinburgh Tournament – This tournament also includes teams from around
Scotland along with Newcastle and Exeter. In 2011, St Andrews won every
• Schools and Universities Polo Association (SUPA) Winter Arena Nationals – This
arena tournament includes over a hundred teams from 52 universities throughout
the United Kingdom. In 2012, St Andrews came in 2nd in the beginner division,
3rd in novice division, and 2nd in the intermediate division.
• The St Andrews Charity Tournament, in existence since 2004 and hosted at Errol Park Estate since 2015, this is the first grass tournament of our season. It is also a fantastic day out for St Andrews students and members of the community, and in 2015 we welcomed 1,100 spectators making it the largest polo event in Scotland. 
• SUPA Summer Nationals – This tournament is played on grass at Dallas Burston and also includes teams from 52 universities.
• Scotland League – This league plays at Kinross Polo Club. This is a beginner
league featuring teams from all seven polo playing Scottish universities. St Andrews won the league in
2011-2012 and 2014-2015.
• Edinburgh League – This league competes at Edinburgh Polo Club. This is an
intermediate league featuring teams from St Andrews, Newcastle, and Edinburgh.
St Andrews has historically done very well in this league and, in 2010, was

Match Report – Winter Nationals 2013

It may have rained for the whole weekend, but that did nothing to dampen the spirits of our 4 teams down at Rugby Polo Club for the SUPA Winter Arena Nationals this year.  The beginner 2s kicked off the Saint Andrews campaign to rousing renditions of ‘Flower of Scotland’, only to be narrowly beaten by SUPA veterans Warwick.  Next to play were out Beginner 1 team who rode out all guns blazing to secure a 3-1 victory over Bristol.  After a nail biting penalty shoot out, Elle Elliman saved the Novice 1s as the edged a win over Portsmouth in their first match of the weekend.  After such a strong start the Saints teams stuttered going into the next few matches; however this has nothing to do with antics at the now infamous local pub the Dun Cow in the evenings – St Andrews faced some truly tough opposition, especially in the Novice 1 division who just came up short against a very strong Birmingham side.  Unfortunately due some scheduling clashes we were unable to take a full intermediate team down, luckily Vicky Stockings and Charlotte Bushby were on hand from our friendly rivals Edinburgh to join forces with Sarah Middlemiss to create a ‘Scotland’ team and compete in the combined section.  Scotland faced some stiff opposition, playing against arena 3-goaler Alec Banner-Eve (MVP for this division) on one team and St Andrews Alumnus Elizabeth Hart Humphries in the other!   While managing to hold their own on the Saturday, on Sunday penalties and hangovers got the better of them and Alec’s Angels took the division.  St Andrews managed to get 2 more wins alongside 2 losses on the Sunday leaving everybody with smiles on their faces as they headed back up the road to sunnier-than-Rugby Scotland.  We’d like to say a big thank you to everyone at SUPA and Thom Bell, Gilly, Helen and Tanya helping us get on horses at the right time with a smile on their faces – even though they were soaked to the bone! 

Match Report – Beach Varsity: St Andrews vs Stirling

In order to kick off the semester in style, this year we held our first Beach Varsity match against Stirling on 22ns September.  The sun was shining, the Scotland flag was flying and the barbeque was on hand to feed all the spectators to come down and watch.  It is always a pleasure playing against Stirling, but although this rivalry is friendly, competition was fierce as both sides pulled out all the stops to impress the hoards of freshers who had come to watch.  After a close fought game, Stirling edged ahead to make the final score 3-2.  Don;t worry though, a rematch is definitely on the cards!